Welcome to the website of the Design Innovation Center of Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Pune.

You can find information about the concept and inception of the DIC at What is DIC? The DIC at Vigyan Ashram is equipped with various facilities which are also being updated as and when required by the projects.

Students of the DIC belong to one of the four courses where they work towards practical world solutions that have the potential for entrepreneurship. A culture of design thinking and quality engineering is being developed through exposure to selected online content as well as mentors from industry. Weekly reviews engage the student in result oriented work.

The DIC is all about teamwork, the members of which include students, staff / faculties and mentors working together to create respective projects. Each of the active design members have further links to their own personal webpages where they describe themselves as well as their pet projects.

If you are interested to participate, as a student or as a guiding member, please contact us.

Our partners

Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kharadi, Pune.

Tata motors, Pune.

Praj Foundation, Pune.